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Find a Job Without a Diploma, it’s Possible!


You have failed or stopped school before getting your CAP or your bac and you want to find a job. Do not panic! The first question you need to ask yourself is: “What job do I want to do?”


Recruiting companies want to test your motivation first and foremost. What employers want first is “to feel that the candidate really wants to go to the catering and hospitality industry “, explains Bruno Croiset, Human Resources consultant.

“In the retail sector, the degree obtained is less important than the qualities and the desire that we show,” says Renaud Giroudet, director of social affairs-employment-training of the Federation of Business Enterprises and distribution (FCD).

If you do not have a degree, it is important to already have a good knowledge of the job you want to practice and the best way is to do an internship through a local mission.

Discover the trades thanks to local missions

If you are between 16 and 25 years old, the local missions are there to accompany you step by step in your research and allow you to build your project to find a job.

To help you discover your vocation, you can integrate a professional project pole. Depending on your profile, you will be offered a refresher, a discovery of trades or internships in business for a few days.

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During an internship, you will better understand what the job entails and will have a precise knowledge of its advantages and disadvantages.

“Knowing the maximum of details on a job also allows you to discover the difficulties. For example, the work of a worker is physical, whether in the factory or on construction sites. You work in any weather (cold, rain, sun) and there can be trips that last one or two weeks, “says Valerie Peron, HR development manager at Sanef group Aborts.

Look first and foremost in the sectors that recruit

Catering, the environment, cleanliness, transport and mass distribution regularly look for employees. If you need to find work quickly, think about the positions that do not require any training: waiter, maid, maintenance officer, sorting agent, home agent, material handler, truck driver, duty officer, babysitter children…

Many support systems exist

The Pacea (contractual path of support to employment) is proposed by the local missions. This individualized support allows you to insert yourself professionally.

The Pact (career path to the public service) allows you to become a civil servant without having to pass a competition.

The workshops and integration projects are subsidized contracts that allow work rehabilitation.

The schools of the 2nd Chance allow you, if you are under 26 and you are out of school without any qualifications, to individualized training from 9 months to 1 year alternating company internships and training.

The CAE (employment support contract) in the public sector is a work contract with appropriate remuneration and support for integration: training and support measures for employment.

The CIE (employment initiative contract) is a single integration contract (CUI). It must enable people with significant access to employment to find sustainable employment quickly.

All of these possibilities can get you back on track with training or employment. The advisers will study with you, on a case by case basis, the most suitable solution.

The career path skills

Since January 1, 2018, the subsidized contracts have been transformed into career path skills (PEC) in order to facilitate professional integration. It consists of a specific follow-up for a return to employment or training. It is set up for at least 9 months.

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