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The Penis: A Big Problem

Whether at rest or erection, the penis has always raised questions around its size. While the ancient Greek athletes were proudly represented with a small penis, it is rather a lengthening of the penis that men now ask. But what is the average size of a penis?

The penis in all its states

  • The size of the penis
  • The lengthening of the penis
  • The penile prosthesis
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  • The penis in all its states

The external genitals of man include the penis and bursae , which enclose the testicles .

The penis is composed of two main parts: the body, which contains erectile bodies, essential for erection , and the glans, the terminal part of the penis.

The inside of the penis contains three erectile bodies: two so-called “cavernous” bodies, large cylindrical reservoirs, rich in veins and arteries ; a “spongy” body, which contains the urethra, through which urine and sperm flow .

The tip of the penis, theglans , is covered with a bead of skin which serves as “reserve”.

This skin ends with the foreskin , an extensible ring too, since the skin must extend at the same time as the penis during erection, and then open to leave the glans bare.

In circumcised men , the foreskin is cut. The skin of the penis is no longer tense erect. Another difference for the circumcised : the mucosa that covers the glans is thicker than when this part is covered almost permanently by the foreskin, which is logical because the glans is no longer protected by the skin.

The penis has two main functions: to carry the urine and to allow the

It has for this a surprising peculiarity: its volume is variable. Indeed, it passes from the so-called state of “flaccidity”, at rest, to that of “rigidity”, during the erection. Its volume, length and shape change. Check Out: Where to buy man1 man oil

When the man is sexually stimulated, the arteries dilate, the erectile bodies fill with blood, and the penis progressively erect.

The size of the penis

The size of the penis occupies men but also women, for millennia … And contrary to what we think, virility is not always nested in a voluminous organ!

At rest , it is estimated that a penis measures about 7 to 11 cm . Its circumference at rest varies between 8.5 to 9 cm (2.7 to 2.9 cm in diameter), according to the National Academy of Surgery.


Many men think they have a penis too small (one in two, according to various polls). According to specialists, about 25% of men who consult for a sexual problem complain about the size of their penis.

From a medical point of view, we speak of ” micropenis ” when the size is less than 7 cm in erection, in adulthood.

Some do not hesitate to use surgery to lengthen their penis . This surgery allows to gain 1 to 2 cm at rest and also to increase the circumference.

For most men, the normal size of a penis erection oscillates is between 10 and 18 cm . In erection, its circumference is 10 to 10.5 cm (3.2 to 4 cm in diameter).

A recent synthesis of studies (published on March 2, 2015 in the urology journal BJU International ), integrating 20 researches and 15,500 men (“Caucasian” and Middle Eastern), made it possible to define the proportions of the average European human male : his penis at rest is 9.16 cm. Stretched, but still at rest, the organ measures 13.24 cm. In erection, his penis is 13.12 cm. The circumference of his penis goes from 9.31 cm at rest to 11.66 cm in erection.

These figures refer to measurements of the penis performed according to a standardized procedure (sex stretched twice to relax the cavernous body, warm environment, measurements made from the pubic bone, and not the level of the skin).

The authors of the study noted that these figures could be slightly higher than the reality, men being more inclined to participate in these studies if they are not complexed by the size of their penis.

The lengthening of the penis

Methods to lengthen or enlarge the penis are many, but many are not serious, so be careful. The sex surgery has developed there are seven or eight years.

The intervention aims to correct a micropenis. It is then a so-called “restorative” surgery, supported by Social Security .

In other cases, sex is perfectly standard, the patient simply wants to increase the size of the penis at rest. The intervention is then plastic surgery, which is obviously not reimbursed by the Social Security.

This operation does not change the size of the erect penis and there is a rather undesirable effect:loss of erectile elevation , up to thirty degrees. A team of American surgeons is currently working on the development of a futuristic solution: a penis transplant fully grown in the laboratory …

The penile prosthesis

When a disease prevents erection, sexuality can be found through a prosthesis .

The most sophisticated consists of a liquid balloon placed in the belly and two cylinders inserted in the cavernous body.

It enlarges and lengthens the penis by inflating the cylinders with a pump. The erection is provoked quickly, in a few pressures.

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