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“First Generation” Outdoor Heat Sealing Film

In simple terms, it is a process in which a sheet of metal (essentially aluminum) is applied in a stuck layer as a sandwich between two layers of transparent polyester. These first-generation heat-resistant films (widely used in the 80s and 90s) have solar energy rejection or infrared (heat source) capacities that can reach 80%.

Be careful, these films have a strong mirror effect and for the most effective of them are installed outside to avoid thermal shocks on double glazing. (Risk of breakage on glass outside due to the temperature amplitudes day night) and rejected heat accumulated in the air slide)

+: Very strong IR rejection up to 87%, therefore a strong Solar window tint Houston of heat in a room – Very strong Reduction of glare (very tinted polyester) – Mirror effect occultation -: Outdoor installation Warranty 5 years (deteriorations and cracks that may appear in the room) time on the aluminum foil for films very exposed to sunlight) – Strong mirror effect – – very tinted film darkening the room.

Anti-ionized solar heat films (sputter) – ECLYPSE range

“Second generation” anti-heat glass

Ionization is the term used to describe the process of disintegration of a material subjected to atom bombardment. The material ejected atom by atom is integrated in the polyester support. Thanks to this process, all ionized heat-resistant films can be placed inside double glazing without fear of thermal shock. Filtering glare.

These Anti-Heat Solar window tint Houston placed inside a glazing can filter up to 75% of the infrared (heat source) Placed in the interior the solar films “ECLYPSE” do not undergo any bad weather and are guaranteed (10 years The manufacturing process makes it possible to avoid the cracks that we can observe on the first generation exterior metallized films (the aluminum oxide sheet making up the metallized solar films can crack and yellow over time).

+: internal installation even on double glazing – 10 year warranty (Excellent durability) – Very good IR rejection up to 75% – Good reduction glare – Good thermal insulation coefficient (film placed inside the glazing) – -: Less tinted film for top performers – no outdoor films in this range

Anti-heat solar films Multi Alloys Ceramics – SUNCLEAR HT range

“Latest generation” heat-resistant films

The latest generation of anti-heat films, films based on a carefully selected multi-alloy, acts selectively on the solar spectrum to offer the best compromise between transparency and performance. SUNCLEAR anti-heat solar films offer very high performance IR (Infra-red heat source) filtration while keeping optimum brightness inside a room. These films placed inside can filter up to 90% of the heat source by acting on the incident IR (the hotter it is and the external heat source is important the more the film filters the heat without being stained) Placed inside the glazing and equipped with a very high thermal insulation coefficient, they reinforce the insulation of a glazing unit and thus allow significant energy savings. Films made without metallization (no wear cracks) avoid the mirrored effects of traditional metallized solar films

Internal installation even on double glazing – 10 years warranty (Excellent durability) – Very good IR rejection up to 85% – Very good thermal insulation coefficient (film placed inside the glazing) – Film very luminous -: No effectiveness against dazzling (film anti-heat very bright allowing a maximum of brightness in a room)

Usefulness of a film for window, glass or industrial glazing

Film for anti-heat, solar, security window, and blackout … Why set up a film for window, glazing or glass? What are the different categories of existing films? Lexapro offers a wide range of protective films for windows, glass and glazing to meet your needs:


The solar window film filters up to 82% of the infra-red (heat source). This window film will protect your workspaces or living spaces from the harmful effects of solar radiation by bringing you comfort of life.

They will also protect your goods ultra violet (+ 99% filtration) source of degradation of many materials (Furniture, Fabrics, Books, Tables, Furniture, Textile, Painting etc.)

You will find in our range different types of ionized solar films or the latest generation ceramics (nanotechnology manufacturing allowing a very high filtration with a high transparency) can all adapt and settle inside a single or double glazing without risk of thermal shock.

The solar films are manufactured under a quality management system, certified and certified, strictly in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality assurance standard Solar window tint Houston


In the range PROTHERM you will discover the insulating film of glazing  (+ 77% of IR filtration), it has the peculiarity thanks to their very low emissivity to considerably lower the thermal coefficient of a glazing and thus to allow up to 25% energy savings.


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