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It is important, especially in an essay, to order reflection. The qualities of a good plan are first of all logical qualities allowing the implementation of a reasoning.

Your plan must therefore lead the reader to understand the demonstrative logic on which your thinking is based.

As it has been very well said, “it is a question of dealing with the mass of remarks, ideas, proposals gradually born as the subject has been analyzed […]. A work of organization is then necessary: ​​the plan .

[…] To build a plan is therefore to build, to allow the establishment of an organization: it is a question of arriving at a coherent and logical construction, and the purpose is first established. It will be necessary to classify, to rank, to choose the most relevant arguments […]: the plan must account for both a clear organization in what is fixed and a dynamic thought in that it exhibits its construction ” ⁴ .

It is therefore necessary to structure the assignment according to a logic of progression that goes from the least important to the most important. It is thus necessary to start from the most general or the most obvious ideas to deepen them: a dissertation writing help obeys a purpose that can be summarized as follows: “Where did I go from? To reach where? ”

This principle of coherence is all the more essential since the dissertation writing help is based on a demonstrative logic. Also think of confronting the points of view, the texts between them: it is in this way that you will enrich your reasoning, that you will qualify your positions.

For subjects with a resume writing help  to be discussed, the plan will obviously be dialectical (thesis validated / discussed / readjusted = yes / but / in fact). Avoid as much as possible the opinions too decided [see above: ”  Too much personal involvement  “] . Do not forget that it is a matter of examining a problem: confronting does not necessarily mean opposing, but simply comparing, that is , relating several approaches in a spirit of intellectual curiosity and tolerance. . As such, fewer and fewer are the candidates who think to use interro-negative or concourse turns: it’s a shame because they offer the advantage of subtly nuance certain positions

Is it not appropriate to ask oneself whether poetry has only an aesthetic function? Does not it also have a social role to play in society? (interronegative turn)

If one can not deny the aesthetic function of poetry, it is important however to emphasize its political role in society … (concessive twist)

In order to guide the corrector in your argumentative path, do not forget to finally use the logical connectors as well as the turns of transition. In fact, one should never chain the arguments by simply juxtaposing the ideas between them.

” A strategy “

Give this term a military color. A plan is a bit of a battle plan. You will fight a kind of fight: an implicit fight against opinions, prejudices; an explicit fight against a partial or even partial subject. A fight that aims not to defeat anyone but to convince your fictional reader, that is to say to overcome his ignorance or his bias. And your real reader, your proofreader resume writing help will appreciate YOUR ABILITY TO LEAD THIS COMBAT INTO THE RULES.Just as there is a military art, there is also an art of arguing and convincing, an art of establishing a strategic plan because it is not a trench warfare that you are asked to lead On the contrary, you must be efficient and economical. It is necessary to save the movements, to give to each idea its maximum intensity, that is to say to think its dynamics, the way in which it calls another one, of which it is linked to an example, in order to advance.

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