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3 Original Ways To Use A Cheap Mug # Creativity

To your surprise (or not), a cup is not only useful for the breakfast or the coffee break of 14h. It is indeed possible to use a cheap Personalised Coffee Cups  in many other situations! Do you have any ideas ? Here are three!

  • Transform a cheap mug  in
  • ”  mug  cake”

You are greedy? Have you ever tasted a cake made in a cup? Well, maybe it’s time to get started! Pleasure assured.

Sometimes you can not be in the mood to spend hours in the kitchen baking a delicious cake, especially after a long day of work. On weekends, you are rather rest and partisan (e) the slightest effort. So this recipe is for you.

The Personalised Coffee Cups  by Photoweb accompanies you even to the stove! Bring: 20g flour, 30g sugar, 1 egg, 40g pastry chocolate, 40g butter, 1 tablespoon milk, whipped cream (optional).

Pour chocolate and butter into the Personalised Coffee Cups . Melt a few seconds in the microwave. Mix and add the egg and mix again. In turn flour and sugar. Mix again. Pour the milk, mix one last time and pass your preparation 1 minute in the microwave. That’s it, it’s ready to eat, with or without whipped cream on top. Enjoy your meal !

PS: we recommend not to abuse the microwave if you have a photo mug.

The cheap mug to do the gardener’s apprentice

Another idea but this time deco is to use your Personalised Coffee Cups  in “mug pot”. If it does not sound very good it is however very pretty! The ideal is to crack for succulents or cacti, which will require little maintenance.

In addition, this original decor will help you create a small indoor garden, which can be completed by orchids for example. Going green has always been beneficial, if you have not done it yet, this is an opportunity to get started. 😊

Make a pencil pot thanks to the

cheap Personalised Coffee Cups 

In the office or at home, there is always an opportunity to write notes on a post-it or agenda. Having pens and pens at your fingertips is still handy. At work it will be more frequently on your desk and at home by the phone, right?

What do you say about a cheap and 100% personalized Personalised Coffee Cups  to serve as a pencil pot? Nice no? You could enjoy your favorite photos in addition to the decorative and useful side!

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