Number painting, what is it?

The painting numbers is entertainment operator fully cut support small areas with numbers indicating the color that is expected in each bracket sold with all necessary equipment for it to be fully colored. This entertainment is also called ”  magic coloring“, ”  numbered coloring game  ”  or ”  painting by numbers”.

It is an activity that is just as much for children as it is for adults. It allows you to learn about painting without having the soul of an artist.

The paint is acrylic paint: the easiest to handle, it is nontoxic, odorless, and it has the advantage of drying very quickly on the board.

You have everything you need, materials and explanations, to start, even if you are totally beginner! And that’s where the concept is really interesting.

Through this technique, we learn to handle the brush and tame the texture of the paint. A real discovery for me!

What is surprising, and therefore motivating, is that, filling box by box, you see your table evolve, patterns emerge, you see here appear a butterfly, there a flower, or an unexpected decor over colors.

Big Paint By Numbers allows you to :

  • Work on concentration and patience
  • Release the stress
  • Relax

So ready to launch?

How to make a painting by art numbers from a kit purchased on our site?

Kits painting by numbers number kit art

Learn to paint at home in just 4 key steps:

1) Unpack your painting kit with all accessories, colored pots and your canvas (with or without frame)

number paintings kit

2) Arrange all of your material so as to leave nothing to chance, order you, take a small glass of water to clean the brushes (and wine of you, we decompress after all)

material painting by numbers

3) Paint each numbered area (preferably color by color) with the corresponding colors (numbers on the pots)

pots of paintings by numbers

4) Decorate a specific place with your canvas to remind you of your talent and your moment of appeasement that awaits you with others of our paintings (even at work, you have the right)

decoration painting by art number

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