Today, even an ordinary person who does not have an art education has the opportunity to paint an oil painting. To do this, the future artist must go to the store and buy the painting he likes by numbers.

In art stores there is a huge selection of paintings by numbers, and not only oil, but also acrylic, watercolor and other paints can be used as paints.

An oil painting is a unique work, as no other paints will give your picture such appearance as oil.

Having bought a painting by numbers, an inept artist may be confronted with the fact that he simply does not know where to begin creating his masterpiece. Therefore, in this article, we propose to dwell on the basic tips of drawing a painting by numbers, the knowledge of which will help you navigate and not spoil the canvas, and, perhaps, advice will help you create a real masterpiece from the first time.

If you have already bought a set for creating oil painting by numbers, you will see that brushes, paints, canvas with markings will already be present in the set. In principle, you do not need to buy anything. Of the additional accessories, you only need a container for mixing paints, a glass of water, a cloth or a napkin and a solvent (white spirit). If you want to try something original, you can buy a palette knife, but it will not help you when creating the first paintings.

So let’s get started.

Open the set, carefully look at the picture, study the scheme and think about where you will start. You can go from top to bottom, bottom to top, first draw the background, and then draw the details. Here the choice is for the artist. It is better to start with light colors, gradually move to dark ones, and also draw from a general plan to smaller details. However, for beginners, a more appropriate way is top-down painting. Just remember that the same pictures will not work. Do not seek to transmit the original in clarity. On the contrary, it will be better if you make a picture of the original, maybe a small amount of extra strokes will give your picture originality.

Be sure to pay special attention to your workplace, which should be well lit, comfortable and prepared. You may need an easel, but for the first time there will be enough table.

The great advantage of oil is that you cannot be afraid of mistakes. You can mix colors directly while painting or on canvas. If you put the wrong color, you can always put another color on top and correct the situation.

Accents should be placed at one’s discretion at the end of drawing, since only in this case you will have a full picture before your eyes and you will understand whether these author’s accents are necessary at all.

You can draw a picture for several weeks, but still it is not worth stretching the process for a long time. Otherwise, the paint may dry out. Paint cans should be closed tightly, rinse brushes after work.

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