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The Phone It Is Impossible To Call An Inmate. In The Event

of a serious event, call the SPIP.
On the other hand, in theory, all prisoners – subject to the detainees’ authorization to obtain the authorization of the magistrate in charge of the file – have the right to call outside from the telephone booths of the establishment, often located in the passageways or in the middle of the promenade * (thus in places providing only relative privacy). The hours and frequency of cinmate calling card depend on the establishment.

Prisoners may only inmate calling card during certain hours, but must be able to access a cabin even if they are otherwise classified to a workstation or subject to medical care in the establishment.

Even when they are placed in the moth *, detainees retain the right to call their loved ones once every 7 days from the first day of placement. But there is no restriction on the frequency and duration of calls to the lawyer and free calls (such as 110, the legal aid number of the association Arapej).

Access to the phone is not free. Prisoners must block an amount on their account if they want to use the phone. The units are debited as the conversation progresses. Renewing your phone credit often takes several days because of the slowness of accounting services.

Conversations can be heard, interrupted and / or recorded, except, in principle, those spent with the lawyer, the Comptroller General of places of deprivation of liberty, the Red Cross, Listen Detainees and the 110. So always pay attention the remarks made. A pre-recorded message of a few seconds is broadcast at the beginning of the conversation to remind you that it can be listened to (at the expense of the detained person who inmate calling card.

For defendants, only the inmate calling card to the lawyer are not subject to the authorization of the judge. To call other people, including the family, you have to wait for the judge’s decision, which can take several weeks. The judge can then decide to suspend or withdraw this authorization, but only because of “good order, security, the prevention of offenses or the necessities of information” (article 39 of the Prison Act of 24 November 2009).

For convicts, the system is that of a “white list” of authorized numbers. It is therefore necessary that your close register your number on this list. The Director has the right to ask you for proof and to refuse or suspend your right to communicate by telephone, but he must give reasons for this decision. If you no longer wish to be on the list of authorized numbers of a person, you can make the request to the head of establishment.

The mobiles

Possession of a cell phone is prohibited in detention. In the event of discovery, the person generally risks placement in the mall or even going to court.

Some of the laptops went to the parlor. Do not do this lightly and not without the detainee’s agreement. Find out if the laptop is likely to trigger the gantry. Put it in a pocket of your clothes so you can pretend you’ve forgotten it. Once in the parlor, you do not risk much because your relative can claim to have found there. The most complicated is not necessarily to send it to the detainee, but often for the detainee to send it to detention … It is better, in case of seizure of the mobile phone and / or the SIM card, that neither has ever been used

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