How to move from a personal Facebook profile to a professional page

If for some reason you decide to change your personal Facebook profile to a professional one, be sure to read this article by Anna, director of Internet advertising agency I-Media. From it you will learn all the subtleties of this simple, at first glance, process.

In November 2015, I destroyed my Facebook profile. The decision was made deliberately. I did not plan to sever relations with my favorite social network. The goal was different.

I signed up for Facebook in March 2011. It was a time when everyone was doing what they registered on Facebook. My profile quickly scored the first thousand friends.

Requests came every day. First, before confirming, I tried to look through what their authors write. Then I began to accept all requests that reached me. When my profile scored 2,500 friends, the tape has grown to unheard of dimensions. I wondered: who are these strangers writing posts that I see? In order to somehow unload the tape, I stopped accepting unfamiliar people as friends. This did not change the situation: the tape remained difficult to read, requests continued to come.

When the account limit (approx. 5,000 friends) was reached, people who I knew well in reality could not add me. I had to periodically delete requests to “free up some space.” It took time, but it did not last long.

I wanted to save my strength and energy, stop thinking about the limit on the number of friends, and also get a readable tape that would be missing to people unknown to me.

buy cheap Facebook page likes gives you the opportunity to switch from amateur to professional communication, and I decided to turn my personal profile into a Facebook page. To do this, simply follow the link indicated in the help section and click the “Start” button.

Do not do this if you do not want to turn your profile into a page!

I must say that I did not achieve the desired result immediately and far from without problems. I spent three months setting up Facebook and chatting with customer support. Unfortunately, not all the details and difficulties that I have encountered are described in the help sections and forums. Let’s fill this gap.

Tip 1. Realize what results you will get

As a result of the transfer, you will acquire:

A new page without content to which all your friends will be subscribed.

Net profile without content, friends and links.

All posts you’ve posted before will be deleted from Facebook: your posts and comments will disappear, and marks on photos will be removed.

After conversion, you will have additional difficulties when using the system. About these forums also do not warn:

In order to publish something, you will need to go from your personal account to the account page (I don’t always remember about it). If you do not do this, your publication will not go to the main page feed, but to the list of visitors’ publications.

List of publications of visitors

Most of your posts will need to be promoted: buy cheap Facebook page likes lowers the visibility of information pages in the users feed. Advertising costs will increase.

We’ll have to explain to people who send friend requests to your new profile, why you don’t confirm them. Some of them are offended: in Runlet, the refusal to add to friends in a social network is equivalent to a refusal to communicate.

Before proceeding to the following tips, weigh the pros and cons again.

Tip 2. Accept all friend requests.

Before converting my old profile, the limit for adding friends was exhausted. The number of friends was about 2,700 people. The remaining values ​​were applications that I did not approve. When changing the profile, they were all canceled. I lost half the audience page. Not critical, but tangible: such a loss is restored for a long time.

Do not repeat my mistakes. Confirm all requests for adding to friends before converting the profile.

Creating a Facebook page: confirm all requests to friends

Tip 3. Download information from Facebook

In order not to lose data irrevocably, it is worth making an archive of your records in advance. On the forums they write that buy cheap Facebook page likes allows you to upload this information to your profile, but I did not find this opportunity in the interface.

Steps for downloading profile data: go to general account settings, find the link below, click on it.

Download information from Facebook

Tip 4. Disable notifications

Facebook allows you to set up email notifications: when content appears in an interesting group or profile of a person, you will receive an email. If you use this feature, disable it before transferring the profile to the page (this way you will save yourself from having to look through uninteresting emails).

Unfortunately, the shutdown cannot be done centrally (yet). You need to follow the links contained in the letters of Facebook.

Tip 5. Delete the phone number

A phone number can only be connected to Facebook once. If you do not remove the mobile phone from the old profile, you will not be able to connect it to the new profile. This means that you will not be able to set up two-step authentication and use mobile chat.

The situation can be corrected by contacting the buy cheap Facebook page likes support service, but … The support service responds for a long time. Why solve a problem if you can simply not create it?

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