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Curved Windows And Shutters: A Real problem? – Plantation Shutters In Houston TX

Many old houses have ancient glazing half-moon, ie curved.

When buying an old house, it is often one of the first expenses to make to change these windows to gain comfort and energy expenses. And during this change often arises the question of the installation of Houston Texas plantation shutters, which we can not do without when we tasted.

  • 1 / Curved windows and shutters: is this compatible?
  • There are three types of installation for roller Houston Texas plantation shutters:
  • the laying with winding (box) outside between table
  • the post with inner winding and the chest between table
  • the installation applies with the chest on facade.

With curved glass, the only possible pose is between table. The type of winding (inside or outside) will depend on the recoil of your window relative to the frame. Only problem, as you can imagine, the chest and backstage (what the flap goes down) are visible from the outside!

Example of installation on arched window:

2 / A decrease in brightness

As you can see, installing rollers on a curved window decreases the glass surface, which in fact reduces the luminosity … and this is not to neglect especially if you have few openings. Even the best chest on the market will inevitably lose at least the surface of the bend.

3 / A questionable aesthetic

Even when playing on color (we can opt for a color for the trunk, backstage, the final blade or apron but it will remain visible), the result remains unattractive.

Moreover, many PLUs refuse the installation of shutters if the trunk or the slides are visible from the outside. And we do not venture to ask this type of shutter if your town hall forbids it because you could be in the obligation to dismantle all the woodwork and recommend another, which would be very annoying because all these woodwork are custom-made and therefore it would be a dry loss.

4 / What solution to adopt then?

There are several possible solutions according to your desire. The first question to ask is: The question to ask is: why do you want Houston Texas plantation shutters? Is it for security? For darkness? For heating savings at night? The comfort of central locking?

We discuss here the different possible solutions to refrain from installing roller shutters.

A / the installation of shutters.

This is not necessarily the best solution because if your house has never had, it is likely that add it does not embellish! You will also have to file a declaration of work at the town hall because you will change the facade.

B / The use of burglar-resistant glass.

An anti-burglary glazing is more resistant than a shutter and you can rest easy. Just ask when ordering window. Count 30% more than a classic window.

C / Double curtains

Grandma’s solution but rather effective to make complete black. Many hotels still use this technique, even in the new. Advantages: low cost and quick installation.

D / Intra-glazed blinds

There are several types of blinds fixed on the opening of the joinery and allowing to make the darkness.

Venetian blind:

Fixed directly on the opening of the joinery and space-saving because housed in the glazing stops, this shade finds a place of choice in the frequently ventilated rooms and makes it very easy the opening of the door or the window.


Unsightly and expensive, often prohibited by the PLU, Houston Texas plantation shutters on curved glazing are to be avoided.

The least expensive solution to do without is, in floor, the installation of double curtains with an efficient glazing (compatible RT2012). For the ground floor, an anti-burglary glazing with electric roller blind is undoubtedly the perfect solution. Aesthetics, allowing you to benefit from a full brightness, safe thanks to the reinforced glass and dissuasive because allowing to hide the external environment, it is a compromise not far from being perfect.

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