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To ensure your housing in the best conditions, the ideal is to use a comparator home insurance like We put home owners insurance quotes together to help you choose the right warranties at the right rates! Register your home contract online and save on your current insurance!

The role of a home insurance

Home insurance covers your home in case of disaster, whether you own or rent the property. A home insurance policy therefore takes into account risks to offer you guarantees adapted to your situation. Depending on the guarantees selected with our comparator home owners insurance quotes, you can be compensated for damage to homes. guides you to define your needs, the value of your property and the risks to which your home is exposed. Indeed, whether you own or rent, it is essential to protect your home against the following risks:

The risks covered by home insurance

Liability: damage caused by yourself, your children, your animals, etc.

Water damage: floods, leaking faucets or hot water tanks, etc.

  • Fire: explosion, lightning or smoke…
  • Burglary: burglary, use of false keys, etc.
  • Ice breakage: window pane or broken window
  • Natural disasters: storm, earthquake, storm, etc.
  • Electrical damage: lightning, surge,…

Be aware that it is possible to subscribe additional options to cover for example your smartphone in case of electrical damage.

Protect your home

Studio, villa, apartment? Whatever your home, buy home insurance will protect you in case of disaster.

Before making your choice, simply fill out our home owners insurance quotes form with information about your home (location, surface, number of rooms) in a few clicks. You get the quotes of our partners home insurance specialists and can then compare them according to the guarantees, the level of protection you want and of course, the price.

To insure his good...

Depending on the type of property to be insured in your home contract, the housing characteristics will allow you to calculate the amount of your insurance premium:

Home insurance for apartment: the surface in m² of your apartment, the floor, the location or the capital to be insured will play a role in the calculation of your home owners insurance quotes contribution.

Home insurance: our comparator needs to know also the living space, but also if your neighborhood is located more or less 50m from your home for example.

…And its contents

When subscribing to a home insurance policy, it is essential to think about covering the material assets you own (furniture, appliances, etc.). Indeed, in the event of loss the value of these equipment’s can be refunded to you entirely within the framework of a home insurance including this option.

This compensation is calculated according to the value of the material goods that you have defined when signing the housing contract. This value changes with time except for goods such as jewelry, works of art etc.

Good to know

Additional and, for the most part, optional guarantees exist to complete the basic offer. For example, your home insurance policy may cover the costs of home help (cleaning, childcare) in case you have suffered bodily injury that would make you dependent.

Insured profiles: owners or tenants

I am a tenant, do I have to insure my accommodation?

If you are renting a home, you need to take out home insurance. Why?

To avoid your liability if damage (water damage, fire), coming from your home, came to touch the building or your neighbors. This is called the rental risk guarantee. It also protects the homeowner against any damage you may cause in the home.

Finally, multi-risk home insurance protects the tenant’s movable property against theft, fire or water damage.

Reminder: If you do not provide an insurance certificate to your landlord each year, then your lease may be terminated.

I am a roommate, who must take out home insurance?

For the guarantee of rental risks, only one tenant can be insured. However in the case of a disaster, the costs of the repairs will have to be distributed among the various tenants. That’s why every tenant is advised to have insurance.

A single contract can be signed to ensure the entire colocation. If ever one of the people leaves the apartment, then an amendment to this contract will have to be written.

Tenants can also choose to have their own home owners insurance quotes. In this case it is better that everyone has subscribed to an offer within a single company to avoid litigation that can happen in case of disaster.

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