Desired Design Home Hack game: Design Home for Android is an RPG of interest to a sophisticated user from the prominent gaming community Biplab Mondal. The required amount of physical memory in your device to run depends on your device, remove useless programs and games for comfortable work of the bootloader. Another requirement is the new version of the operating system – The required version of Android 2.3 or later, due to non-compliance with the minimum requirements, problems may occur with the launch. About the individuality of the game Home Design: House Design will verify the number of installed applications – according to an eloquent statistic, it has 1,000,000–5,000,000, support the publisher by downloading this app. Let’s try to understand the uniqueness of this game – this is a good, thoughtful and modern graphics,

Hacked version of Design Home Hack: Design of the house on Android at the time of downloading the game to the server – 1.5 in which the mechanism for scoring points and bonuses has been changed. A new version of the application was added on January 31, 2015 — update if you downloaded an old version of the application from us. If you like the game, join our groups to be able to download the necessary games and programs hacked by our users. Design Home Hack Makeover! For Android – this is an entertaining application, where players will have to try on the role of the real designer and pass through numerous puzzles of type three in a row. Find yourself in a big city and earn the vocation of the best designer, equip a variety of premises, taking into account the wishes of customers and approaching each project creatively and in an original way.

Graphics and Gameplay:

The graphic shell of the application is presented at a good level, everything looks quite nice and is filled with rich colors. The gameplay consists in passing through numerous levels, where players will have to move tiles with different elements, exposing the same in a row of three or more pieces. This will make money to translate the various ideas into reality. Show yourself as a creative and creative specialist, creating unique projects and just relax.


  • Nice graphics
  • Various possibilities
  • Many levels
  • Funny gameplay

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