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Free Download Silent Descent Which Is Considered A Brand New Game For PC

Description: It looks you are showing an interest to try Free Download Silent Descent which is considered a brand new game for PC? Here you will get to see all the relevant information and answers to your queries.

Silent descent game review 2018:

There are many horror games players have played and experience over the years because this is the only style that people like where they have to see how a true horror would like in a actual game. At this moment a new type of game has been release called silent descent which looks like a first person immersive horror game with realistic game engine. That shows everything from atmosphere and all the things look incredibly detail to begin with.

You control a character named Samuel Harrison who is always roams around suffering from pain, torment, because he murdered his wife. It is a complete action horror thriller that players of modern games will find interesting to play.

What about the story of Silent descent?

The game begins when this man is accused of killing his wife and is arrested in jail and many years have passed since that tragic day and this man still do strange things in the jail sitting in the cell. Trapped in his own mind players will find real meaning of struggle to go for suicide looking to release his soul from the body.

Is Silent descent inspired from the silent hill classic?

There are some elements players will think it as modern first person silent hill, but in reality it still has new items, weapons, and scenes that makes it more intense where players force to see horrifying clips of his dead wife and defeat all the crazy monster in order to find the truth behind the whole scenario.

Are game play controls of Silent descent makes any difference?

Surely, the game play controls are easy to adapt and could be learn time after time. The great thing about hem is that they keep changing and every time you go to new level whether it is in the jail, home, or open place you will find new ways to interact people and investigate brilliantly.

Silent descent game features for PC:

The features you will see in the actual game are pretty good and probably you must have to visit to completely use in the whole game. Here are number of features such as,

1) One of the best FPS horror adventures with immersive details

2) Designed as a psychological experience for adults

3) Encounter multiple enemies in after life and solve puzzles

4) Superb high textures and survival progression system

Silent descent game system requirements for working on PC:

Before you make your mind and try this horror game you must need to see all system requirements that must meet your PC expectations including,

Works good with vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 windows (32 bit and 64 bit)

Hard Disk: 7 GB

File Size: 3.8 GB

CPU: Intel Core i5


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