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Fossil Clark Bifold Wallet

Fossil is known for his clothes and accessories, but he also makes portfolios. This brown wallet has a traditional bi-fold design with multiple pockets to store and organize your cards. This wallet is virile, classic and above all – practical.

Leather Wallet, Etsy

This wallet is on is made of genuine leather and is handmade. There are slots for all your accessories: credit cards, extra money and more. You can even get your name, initials, or numbers engraved on this wallet for free.

Minimalist Leather Wallet, Etsy

This beautifully crafted leather wallet found on Etsy costs $ 74 and is made of natural tanned leather. You can choose one of 3 color choices, “Natural Tan Sun” which is the lightest, “West Brown” described below and “Dark Night of the Desert” which is black. The wallet has 2 card slots, 2 additional card pockets, and a separate bill section. It is also riveted with solid brass to make it more resistant.

Treasure Chest Credit Card Wallet, Etsy

This ‘treasure chest’ wallet has an almost medieval feel while being fully functional. Users can store 8-10 cards and still have the space left over for money. It is made of oiled leather and has a clasp to keep all your valuables secure. The wallet is handmade and can be found on

Discussion Wallet 2.0

The Discussion Portfolio in ‘Midnight Saddle’ is the perfect wallet for any type of teenager. It’s sleek, simple and slim allowing you to hold around 6 cards and a little money. The wallet also has a key ring to store your keys or gym card. The best part is that it costs $ 16.

Nixon Dusty Bi-Fold Wallet

Made by Nixon, this bi-fold wallet features multiple slots and pockets for holding your cards and cash. When opening the purse, you reveal a chic patterned lining, a coin clip and a zipped coin pocket. The wallet is made of leather and has a modern light gray look : here

Note: As I mentioned earlier, I make little commision if you end up buying some of these portfolios, which funds this site. 🙂Also , I have not bought all these, so I can not guarantee that they are all great products, only they look cool on the pictures.

What portfolio do you use? Leave a comment below.

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