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Apply for the Loan Program- rural loan Program

Before applying for a loan

First, make sure you have a permanent code and a social insurance number.

If you do not have a permanent code or social insurance number, you must apply.

Consult the eligibility conditions for the Program.

Make sure you qualify.

When applying for a rural home loan program

Complete the Loan Application for Part-Time Study form using Online Services.

Note that your request will be processed more quickly with Online Services than by mail. The last part of the form shows you the documents required for the analysis of your application.

Send us the required documents.

If your sponsor, your spouse, or your parents are required to complete an appendix and they do so online, your application will be processed more quickly than if they are submitted by mail.

If other documents are required, use the Online Services to send them to us.

You will receive online the answer to your rural home loan program


As soon as the answer accompanied by the statement of calculation will be deposited in your file on line, you will receive by email a notice inviting you to consult it.

The production of the calculation statement and the payment of the allowance may be delayed if the documents are non-compliant or submitted after the deadline.

When you get your loan

Go get your warranty certificate.

To receive your loan, you must first have your warranty certificate. To obtain it, you must go to the financial aid office of your educational institution. This document will be available a few days before the start of your classes. A notice in your online file will tell you when to pick it up.

Give your guarantee certificate to your financial institution.

You must return your guarantee certificate to your participating financial institution to receive your payments.

If you have already benefited from

  1. Online services
  2. Reference
  3. Explanatory videos


rural home loan program

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  2. Loan Application – Loans for Part-Time Studies (Guide)
  3. Appendix 1 – Spouse of the student
  4. Appendix 2 – Parents or Student Respondent
  5. Contact U.S
  6. Access to information
  7. Sitemap
  8. Privacy policy


In all cases, these studies must be done at an educational institution recognized by the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports.

The objective of the program is to enable people whose financial resources are insufficient to pursue studies, by granting them financial assistance. However, students remain primarily responsible for the costs of their studies.

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To act early is better!

To receive your financial assistance for the start of the school year, make your request as early as May and provide quickly all the required documents. This will speed up the processing of your file.

At the CFPML, computers are always available at the documentation room (room 1208). You can apply for financial assistance via the Internet, consult your file online or find out more about this program.

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