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THE e-made is becoming more fashionable in the menswear world. Wedding suits for men, vest, shirt, men need to feel comfortable in their look. Tailor-made is also for me the key to masculine elegance especially if like me you do not have the size mannequin to put on ready-to-wear.

That said, having a tailor-made wedding suits for men made of quality requires a little time and patience. It takes an average of one month between the first appointment and the delivery of the costume. For an optimal rendering, it is necessary to respect the unavoidable steps of the creation of the tailor-made suit: prior appointment, measurement, choice of materials and details, fitting 1, fitting 2. Clearly we do not have all the time to do A / R at the tailor in the middle of the week even if the creation tailor-made for me remains something fun. Is there a possibility to create a tailor-made suit at home with a tailor?

Tailor-made suit at home, it’s possible!

I dreamed about it, Goussette did it! A tailor-made suit for men and women is now available at home for the pleasure of all those who have a timetable minister.

Tailor and tailor-made wedding suits for men at home in Paris

Goussette is the new service for the creation of tailors, suits and tailored shirts in Paris. Played by Naomi Takahashi the tailor and the designer, Goussette aims to save us time by moving to us. Give him an appointment at home or in the office and Goussette moves with all his bespoke tailor equipment.

A premium service of tailor at home

Premium in the sense that Goussette moves to the customer’s home but also premium in the quality of the advice provided, the choice of materials and premium fabrics for the final rendering, that is to say, a perfect suit ready to be worn.

I tested the creation of a tailor-made suit at home with Goussette

  1. The meeting with Goussette

While visiting Paris, I made an appointment at Goussette BOB Hotel in the 14th district of Paris. 15h, Naomi arrives in her beautiful wedding suits for men accompanied by her big work suitcase. Immediately we land on the terrace to get to know a coffee.

The first step in creating a tailor-made suit is above all communication with the tailor. Naomi wants to know everything about me. A tailor-made suit for what? For which occasion? Which season? How am I moving? If I play sports? If I ride a motorcycle or rather transport? Do I already have preferences in terms of cuts and materials…

  1. Measurement

It is realized standing on the body at first. Each part of the body is measured and all these measures carefully listed in a tailor’s notebook. Every detail counts and nothing left to chance with Naomi Takahashi. Rigor is required. This is a crucial step before making a tailor-made costume during which one must be relatively wise and disciplined. Even if it is not forbidden to joke with the tailor, on the contrary! As long as we are on the measure, I take the opportunity to order also a custom shirt.

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