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Collecting a suitcase is important when you plan a trip

Everyone has their own habits and wishes: someone carries with them a heap of dresses on a trip, and someone needs a pair of jeans and T-shirts. Here it is difficult to advise something, but there are some basics: find out the weather in the country where you are going, and take with you those things that fit the weather conditions; do not forget to put all the bottles with liquids and cosmetics, manicure sets, perfumes and everything that you can only carry in your baggage into the suitcase from hand luggage; Take with you all the chargers – from phones, tablets, cameras and laptops, otherwise traveling without them will be hard; buy a stretch film in advance (a roll of 50 cm in width is sold) and shake the suitcase at home, since at the airport you will have to pay 300, or even all, 500 rubles for it; and most importantly – before leaving the house, check that you have taken passports, tickets, money, bank cards and telephone,

Museum Cards

If you plan to visit many museums and attractions, then consider the option of acquiring a museum card (Museum Pass). Practically in every major city (especially in Europe) such cards are issued: Paris – Paris Museum Pass, Warsaw Pass – Warsaw Pass, Riga – Riga Card, Helsinki – Helsinki Card, four in New York: New York City PASS , New York Explorer Pass, The New York Pass, Downtown Culture Pass, and go to website. Typically, these cards include free visits to major attractions (if not free, then with a certain discount), sometimes using public transport and other additional bonuses. The cost of the card sometimes scares – for 1 day it costs at least 25-30 $. Whether the purchase of such a card is profitable is up to you. Check out the list, mark what you would like to visit, find out

Baggage scales

If you are planning to travel frequently, then baggage scales are an indispensable thing! They are comfortable, compact and inexpensive (on average from 500 to 1000 rubles). Believe me, you will save a lot of nerves and money if, after collecting your suitcase, you can quickly weigh it and determine if you have an advantage. For those who like to go shopping and bring a lot of gifts on trips – you just can’t do without such scales.

Audio guide

If you like not just walking through the streets, but you are also interested in finding out the history of the city and local sights, then it is not necessary to pay, sometimes huge, money for excursions. To date, there is a huge selection of various audio guides in Russian, which you can download to your phone and enjoy interesting stories. Some guides can be downloaded for free, some for a reasonable fee (about 100-300 rubles), which is not compared with the one that local guides request from you.

Free tours

If you do not have problems with a foreign language, and you can understand the story of the guide, for example, in English, then in many large cities there is an opportunity for you to go on free tours. Just type in the search engine “free tour” and the name of your city. Why are there people who are ready to conduct tours for free? Someone is really in love with their city and wants to share information about it, and someone with the help of this tour will try to lure you to others, but already paid. Guides on such excursions work for tips, that is, no one will force you, of course, to pay, but if you liked the tour, then leave a few euros, if you have them, it will be good form. Be sure to read important information on the site: in what language will the tour be held,

Food Containers

If you plan to save on a trip, especially on food, then do not forget to take a few containers with you on the trip. This will allow you to prepare meals in the morning (if you live in an apartment or hostel where there is a kitchen) and take it with you on the road so as not to return for lunch and dinner. Believe me, the savings on food, especially in such expensive cities like Paris or Stockholm, where for every meal in a simple cafe for two you will give at least $ 30 – will be very substantial.



The tax to be refunded to foreign citizens is a thing familiar to every traveler, but not everyone knows that Tax Free is different in every country and tax refunds come only from a certain amount. For example, in Portugal you will be able to return Tax Free only for a purchase of $ 61.35, and in Italy it costs $ 154.94 (this is the total amount on the check, there may be several items). About 13% of the purchase is due for refund. That is, if you bought for 100 $, then you will be returned 12 $.

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