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Car rRental: All Our Practical Advice

By the Escape Guide team, in roadtrip mode

Want freedom for your holidays? Rent a car! Little secret corners to discover in love, quieter beaches, disheveled road trips , everything is possible … But cheap rent a car requires to know the rules imposed by the agencies. Decryption.

What are the conditions to rent a car?

You must be at least 21 years of age (25 in some countries) and one year of license B to rent a vehicle. Many car rental companies charge a “young driver” surcharge for those under 25 (see below).

National driving license or international driving license?

In France and Europe, your B license is enough, but outside Europe, you need an international license. It is free and valid for 3 years. It is very simple to obtain, it is simply an administrative formality , you do not return anything.

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Which car rental company to choose?

Not easy to know who to contact to find the car cheap car rental at the best price but also have a car in good condition, avoid additional billing and juggle footnotes contracts.

We can go through general tour operators ( Expedia , Opodo , Go Voyages …), to classic renters ( Hertz , Avis …) who all have well-made sites or specialists ( Auto Europe , reputedly the cheapest in Southern Europe ; Auto Escape will directly at the cheapest renter, Alamo , specialist in USA …).

Also think of comparators like Carigami or …

Know that renting a car online is often much cheaper than on the spot.

In which category of vehicle to pick?

It is often difficult to understand this classification A, B, C … Here is the explanation:

Mini , (category A ) small city 3 doors, small trunk, type Renault Twingo or C1.

Economy , (category B ): small versatile car, type Citroën C3.

Compact , (category C ): medium size, type Peugeot 307, Renault Mégane.

Estate , Family, sedan, type Citroën C5

Large minivan : 7 seats, type Renault Espace

Auto insurance? Can I do the impasse?

This is the major point. Normally third party insurance must be included in the price. So, check well. It covers the material and bodily injury caused to a third party and his vehicle even if you are responsible for it.


You can take out additional insurance, which is not compulsory, of the type CDW (Collision Damage Waiver). This type of supplementary insurance saves you from paying a deductible in the event of damage to the rented car.

Good reflexes

When taking the vehicle, when you have the keys, go around with the renter. Inside, outside and report everything, scratches, stains and of course mileage. Note everything on the rental agreement. On return, remember to refuel, otherwise it will be largely charged. Again do the tour of the vehicle with the renter.

Still have questions ?

Some benefits are not necessarily included, but they are very important. Find out if you are in one of these cases:

– We will be several to drive: take the additional driver option. Attention: If you do not declare it the insurance will not cover the damages in the event of an accident.

– I am a young driver: You will necessarily pay fees for young drivers (for under 25s).

– “Out of office” expenses: support or restitution outside the opening hours of the agency.

– I have children: you will need car seats, remember to make the request at the time of booking.

– I have voluminous luggage: you can rent galleries, again, ask at the time of booking.

Want to spice up your travels?

You can also look for an unusual means of transport like tuk-tuk or auto rickshaw! What make your stay a little more original and certainly unforgettable. More seriously, it is perfectly possible to spend nomadic holidays thanks to vans, spaceships and other motorhomes.

Do you have other tips to give? Do it in the comments section!

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