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Brilliant Innovative and Creative Unboxing Ideas for T-Shirt Business

T-Shirts are some of the most common and popular items around the world and are also some of the highest retailed as well. T-shirts come in many different styles for many different purposes including casual dressing up, sportswear and many uniforms for all sorts of businesses around the world. However, to package t-shirts in suitably designed boxes that provide excellent unboxing experiences is of equal significance.

Packaging needs to be innovative and creative if t-shirt sellers are to enable their products with the much needed wow factor. Quality of t-shirts has to be kept great all the time and when that is coupled with unexpectedly surprising and high quality unboxing for them, customers are going to like what they see for sure.

What Matters Most?

To create high quality creative packaging, understanding all the different features of it is of great significance. Regardless of what product types you are designing your creative packaging for, these following features are an absolute necessity:

  • Materials – Although you will need different materials like cardstocks, corrugated, plastics or even wooden depending on your specific product types, but the main thing is all materials need to be top notch with attractive surface finish options like foil stamping, embossing, gloss or matte.
  • Packing Inserts – Many products require custom die cut packing inserts inside them to make storing products easier and much organized. You will need to provide matching inserts for your T-Shirt Custom Boxes making them high quality throughout.
  • Customizations – Custom Packaging for T-Shirts will require high quality customizations. Read through to the end and view attached images to find out some of the most adorable and functional customizations.
  • Included Gifts – For some special t-shirts like sports or club and team special ones, Custom Printed Boxes or packaging in all styles will need additional gifts. For all of these, providing spacious Custom Boxes with custom inserts as well is pretty significant.

Here are some very creative and beautiful t-shirt packaging ideas that will enhance the unboxing experience for customers through meaningful implementations:

Fancy Playing Card T-Shirt Packaging

Some t-shirt packaging designer got really creative with what they had to offer. With this special playing card style Custom Packaging box, the packaged t-shirt would slide out from either side of the curve top. This is a perfect idea when you want gift t-shirts for your loved ones and a huge plus is that being made from durable materials, the box can be re-used and re-purposed in a lot of scenarios including decorative purposes for tables or furniture. Have a look yourself to see this majestic idea:

Reinvent T-Shirt Box Packaging

Why use plain old boxes for your t-shirts when you can re-invent the whole thing? Well, technically once you implement this idea, you will actually be following this brilliant designer’s creation but what a creation it is. A full sized box for a good number of t-shirts and also an added carry handle that gets tucked in when not in use is what this idea is all about. Cool surface design and logo print finishes the job beautifully.

Creative Cardboard Roller Pockets

For people who really want go overboard with creativity, this idea is a great one. Packing t-shirts in the famous luggage roller style, these contain them inside their cylindrical shape that looks like a piece of bamboo when closed. These Custom Printed Boxes or roller (whatever you want to call them) can be made from hard woods and also flexible cardboard materials. Have a look for yourself:

Coffee Cup T-Shirt Packaging

Ever head of that t-shirt with a bit of extra foam? Puns aside, this is very real. Some brilliant packaging mid turned potential large sized coffee cups into t-shirt packaging. Made from processed cardboard or other forms of cardstock, these can serve the purpose very well and with a definitive creative edge.

Classic Design with a Twist

Classic packaging is great, it works great and it feels great. Add a little twist to it and you get something truly inspiring and creative. Check this idea out where simple cardboard custom packaging is provided a stretched triangular shape and a bit of art is added as well:

A Really Funny Creation

Are you someone who wants to bring fun to your t-shirt packaging? Surprise your customers with this funny Custom Printed Box or bucket. Printing can be altered to suit your personal preferences but the fun this style of packaging adds to your t-shirt unboxing or should we say un-bucketing is great.

Food + Clothing = Creative Packaging

Ever heard of a sirloin t-shirt packaging. That’s exactly what this idea below brings. Some other crafty implementations are also there. Find which one suits you best and stick to it, your customers are likely to never actually unbox their t-shirts at all.

Cheap but Creative Bag

Who says cheap packaging cannot be creative? Have a look at this thick paper bag with printed designs on it. Change the prints to your liking and you have something cost saving and truly unique.

Is It a T-Shirt, Is It a Burger

T-Shirt in a burger box. Yes, you read it right! This tasty idea presents your t-shirt for unboxing in a truly unique and beautiful way. Besides, these Custom Boxes can also be re-used as a food carrier afterwards.

Toy T-Shirt Packaging for Kids

What do kids love the most? Its toys right! Give your kiddy t-shirts a toy feel and those young ones are sure to pick them up boosting your sales and them enjoying their unboxing all that much as well.

Bloody T-Shirt Packaging

This one is sure to turn some heads and is not for the faint hearted. Learn below how you can actually make your T-Shirts (red ones) look like they are proper blood bags for vampires.

Pizza T-Shirt

Another similar unique foody t-shirt packaging idea is to use boxes that look just like a pizza box. These Custom Printed Boxes will definitely be fun to unbox.

Can of T-Shirt

You read this one right as well. In case you were wondering we are not serious, have a look below how actual cans can be used as t-shirt packaging. Be sure to use softer materials that will not cut up the t-shirts or your customers unboxing or un-canning them.

Simple T-Shirt Sleeves

Simple never gets old right! A simplistic t-shirt packaging idea is to use sleeves with them provided you will finally put them in a box or a bag.

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