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Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock – 1984

By Leonardo Nimoy

With Wiliam Shatner, Leonardo Nimoy, DiForest Kelley, Christopher Lloyd

Following the popularity of best star trek movie Anger of Khan , Paramount, but especially Leonardo Nimoy (initially tired, he had asked for the death of his character in the previous film), were ready for a new adventure. Believing that Spock should not come back to life, Nicholas Meyer preferred to abstain. Unfortunately, it sounded the death knell of the film which fell back into the trap of the television series scenario with, once again, a minor plot, despite this title full of promises. Basically, Star Trek 3: In Search of Spock looks like what would have given the first 20 minutes of Return of the Jedi(where the heroes go looking for Han Solo) stretched out over two hours. Moreover, Richard Marquand’s film has been there and this time, the influence of the saga of George Lucas is clearly felt, especially in terms of details. Thus we see a sequence referring directly to the Cantina or a pet for the villain, evoking that of Jabba. That said, the film also takes the opportunity to put the Klingons, destined to become one of the most famous alien races of the saga, on the front of the stage. And it is this kind of exploration of the universe that we would have liked to see further developed in this third part that touches only everything related to Vulcan mythology for example, while the film sees the accelerated growth of a resurrected Spock. Instead, the shortcomings of the scenario are filled by infant starwarseries. Remains a world that extends a little more and still, our dear trio of characters in mind.


Star Trek IV: The Travel Home – 1986

With Wiliam Shatner, Leonardo Nimoy, DeForrest Kelley

At the time you read these lines, the following information will probably be wrong because until the release of the movie Abrams, best star trek movie  IV has long been the biggest success of the saga with more than $ 100 million in revenue in the United States. The reason is an iconoclastic scenario that sees the crew of the Enterprise come back in 1986 to recover humpback whales, the only hope of humanity in the future. Leonardo Nimoy did his second and last Star Trek after the rather mediocre The Search for Spock, and decided to infuse the film with a good-natured spirit. The space adventures of Kirk and company become comedy adventures based on their time lag. The film, which is actually included in the rule of the odd / even in the saga, yet divides some fans, who blame him for his tone too comical. As such, it’s not the most engaging sci-fi movie ever, but for the layman it’s a pretty fun introduction to the characters and their relationships. And it is besides, with the exception of a phaser that is used to melt a lock and a harpoon of whaling that misses its target, the only film of the saga where no weapon is drawn … Ideal, so , for those allergic to geekeries.

Liam Engle


Star Trek 5: The Final Edge – 1989

By Wiliam Shatner

With Wiliam Shatner, Leonardo Nimoy, DiForest Kelley, Laorence Luckinbil

Leonardo Nimoy died in Star Trek 2 and resuscitated in the III , which he realized, with his suite. With best star trek movie V , it was time for the Shatner / Nimoy balance to be restored, at the risk of wiping an ego storm. This rivalry (very aptly parodied in Galaxy Questfrom Dean Parisot) was it real? Does Shatner really joke in the bonuses of DVD collector editions? Be that as it may, he seizes the reins of this fifth episode, which returns somewhat to the metaphysical ambitions of the first film. For his greatest misfortune, some say. Because this fifth film is also the one with the worst reputation: ridiculous story, poor performance, etc. This is not at all well founded. The great success of Star Trek Vis to follow mainly Kirk, Spock and McCoy, who have always been the three main characters in the series. Mc Coy is Kirk’s consciousness, Kirk is Spock’s friend, Spock is Mc Coy’s antagonist. From this original trinity flow the humor and stakes of this fifth episode. Shatner’s film never neglects his characters, so the real plot, which is not so much “Sha Kha Ree” as their evolution throughout the film. Their friendship and different philosophies will be put to the test by the mystic Sybok, and his quest for the divine. We never felt as close to them as in this episode. We must recognize Shatner a certain quality of achievement in these intimate scenes. There is something deeply sincere in his essays, which are more than just honorable, never fall short of the two achievements of Leonardo Nimoy. Finally,best star trek movie V is more believable in intimate drama than in adventure film, and that’s probably what fans have been (and still do not like). They should forget their bad memories, to reevaluate this episode to its true value. Certainly the most underrated episodes

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