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Compare baby high chairs from Peg Perego

The test of the baby chair Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero3
Practical and multifunctional, the Prima Pappa Zero3 high chair offers one of the best quality-price ratios on the market. A worthy representative of the Peg Perego quality requirement, this excellent entry-level product is generating great enthusiasm among its users.
Key Features of the Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero3 Chair
The Prima Pappa Zero3 is a foldable and scalable 2-in-1 high chair, able to accompany baby from birth to age 3. Its 7 height adjustment positions, 5 recline backrest positions, 3 footrest adjustment positions, or 2 shoulder strap adjustment heights, allow it to adapt perfectly to all ages and all growth rhythms; the Prima Pappa Zero3 can therefore be used as a relax seat from birth, to maintain baby lying down, then become a high chair as the child manages to control the sitting position.
Its ergonomic seat upholstery in eco-leather brings comfort and ease of maintenance. It also has two fully removable meal trays, which not only fit perfectly in the dishwasher (for the upper part of the tray), but also allow the growing child to share his meals with the family, directly at the table of adults .
With a PVC structure, the Prima Pappa Zero3 is one of the lightest models on the market: 7.6 kg. It comes in twelve colors, plain, or adorned with bright and attractive childish characters: beige, beige with white dots, black, petrol blue, bright red, apple green, orange, gray, Coccinella, white Dino, brown Dino, Tucano, and Bear.

Our opinion on the Peg Perego Prima Pappa seat Zero3

Would we be in the presence of the Rolls-Royce high chairs? Difficult to be categorical, given the competition and the variety of models involved. But what can be said with certainty is that Prima Pappa Zero3 is one of the best entry-level products on the market, if only for its 2 in 1 side and its practical qualities.
While most highchairs are suitable for use at birth, for many, this is not really the case. Here, with the Prima Pappa Zero3 and its many adjustment possibilities, you can be sure of finding the ideal position, at any moment of the growth or the baby’s life. You avoid multiple purchases to track the progress of the child. Thus, infants will be perfectly comfortable in the seat version relax, easily adjustable at mealtimes. For gaming moments, you can also opt for the Play Bar, sold separately.
This large scalable capacity also offers many guarantees in terms of safety and comfort. Indeed, it has a soft and ergonomic seat, thanks to its many positions as well in the harness, the seat, backrest or footrest, in which baby will feel more at ease. We want as evidence our baby test that was soon to fall asleep, once sated. Add to this a 5-point harness and a rigid crotch that will prevent children, even the smallest of them, to slide under the shelf.
Another advantage, and not least: the Prima Pappa Zero3 high chair is child-friendly. Its eco-leather upholstery has a smooth and slippery surface, very easy to clean with a damp cloth. You can also take it off for a machine wash.
Very practical, and compact, it unfolds and folds in the blink of an eye, to be quietly stored out of sight, if necessary. The meal tablet can be stored on the rear uprights.
If it were necessary, nevertheless, to emit a small flat, we could just regret the absence of functional wheels; here, the brand is satisfied with two fixed and non-steerable rear wheels, which make it difficult, more than they facilitate, the movements. However, the lightness of this high chair Peg Perego strongly mitigates the flat. Check out our complete test of best convertible high chair.
Main features of the Peg Perego Prima highchair Pappa Diner
The Prima Pappa Dineris a foldable and scalable high chair, particularly suitable for children from 6 months. Equipped with 7 positions of height adjustment, and 4 positions of backrest inclinations, it allows to accompany baby in different times of the day: meals, games, relaxation, and nap. This high chair is better than any booster. Its seat, ergonomic and padded, offers a wide cover, for maximum comfort. As for the double removable shelf, which also serves as a playground, it meets the needs of a child of age to eat at the table of adults. She is big enough for all her meals to hang on or for the parents to place a toy for him to take care of while the rest of the family dines.
Solid, functional, easy to maintain, the Prima Pappa Diner is designed to last over time. Its plastic coating is easily removable for machine washing. Its weight is 10.5 kg.
The Diner range comes in six colors and patterns: Hippo Orange, Hippo Yellow, Happy Farm, Savana Cacao (dark brown), Savana Beige, Savana Rose.

Our opinion on the Peg Perego seat Prima Pappa Diner
A great classic from Peg Perego, awarded with numerous world prizes for its practical qualities. And yet, this is not necessarily the model that has convinced us the most. The reason? A quality-price relationship not necessarily optimal. If you have enough budget, then it is a very good buy, especially by combining it with a very nice cover . On the other hand, if for you, the investment in a high chair of child is requires a financial effort, then there is surely a product more adapted.
Like its sisters previously tested, the Prima Pappa Diner is a high chair of undeniable quality, as we have always been so used to the Italian brand. Solid and massive, the child’s chair is made to last the time. You will have no trouble using it for many of your children, and thus make your investment profitable.
Functional, practical, foldable, scalable, easy to maintain and use are also the key words at Peg Perego. Prima Pappa Diner is no exception. Its multiple adjustment positions, its rigid crotch attached to the chair and not to the shelf, its 5-point harness and large padded cover provide baby a comfortable, comfortable seat, and exemplary security. In addition, it remains compact and easy to store after folding.
That said, despite undeniable qualities, the Diner remains an expensive product, and profitable only for use over several years. The Siesta or Zero3 models are equally qualitative, but have the advantage of offering a 2 in 1 solution,

for a lower price range, or similar.

In addition, as for the Siesta, the wheels of the Diner do not facilitate, quite the contrary, travel. Equipped with two rear wheel drive, the baby chair is very difficult to move, because of its large size. When a dad arrives without too much effort, a mom of small bodybuilding will have difficulty moving baby’s highchair and its 10 kilograms does not necessarily intend to be worn. After, if you rarely move the child’s chair, this defect is not a problem.
We also noticed some imperfections in removable shelves. As their height can not be adjusted, the smaller and the younger ones often have trouble seeing “overboard”, despite the adjustments of the seat. Unlike previous models, it does not have a longer position, which leads us, again, to prefer the products 2 in 1.

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