Pets cannot stay at home all the time, from time to time tailed friends still have to take with you on the road, for example, when you need to get to the vet. And if the dog can be kept close to him with a leash, then restless cats must be moved in special devices. But many of them endure such travel is very difficult, and to reduce this stress, you must choose one of the best cat carrier for cats, which will help to make this rating.

Cat carrier for which company to choose

The main competition unfolded between 5 manufacturers from Russia, Germany, and some other countries. Their products were in this ranking due to a careful approach to the quality and design of products. The following companies can be called leaders in the market for such pet products:

ZOORIK is a pet products brand owned by Oris. It began its activity in 1996 and during that time has taken a strong position in the market. The company is known as an expert in the field of pet products. The main percentage among its carriers is fabric models.

Darell is another brand in the Russian market, under which a wide range of pet products is produced. The rights to the trademark belong to the Red Plastic company, which has been operating in this niche since 1996 too. She has in stock both fabric and plastic copies.

Trixie is a German company that produces and sells more than 5,000 items of goods for cats, dogs, rodents, birds. Before going on sale, all products are tested by leading experts of the company.

Moderna is another fairly good European manufacturer of pet products, made mostly from plastic. It offers a wide selection of cages with doors and baskets.

CosmoPet – this company has become known thanks to an extraordinary approach to the creation of carriers. She makes them from durable materials in the form of backpacks, decorated in a space style. There are no cheap options here, but the purchase promises to justify itself.

Rating of cat carriers

The basis was taken reviews of the owners of the models presented in this TOP. Including them in the rating, we considered the following:

  • Ease of use for pet owners;
  • Comfort for the animals themselves;
  • Operational safety;
  • The originality of design;
  • Workmanship (strength of materials and seams);
  • Characteristics (dimensions, weight, presence of locks, windows, doors);
  • Price.

We have identified several categories – products in the form of bags, cages, backpacks, and baskets. Usually, this is the main criterion for their choice.

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