Stealth games are quite popular and the theme is very varied. There is something for everyone, from getting into the skin of the military, who have to reach targets without being detected until they become a thief who has to seize a booty without being discovered. This is the theme that concerns us, Mod Apk Robbery Bob.

One of the main features of this game is that it is very simple , you just have to handle the thief using the touch screen as usual with a “pad” that appears on the right. The movements are slow precisely to not be detected, it can go faster but this causes more noise to occur with the risk of being discovered. It is necessary to go making with the objects that there is in the house, for which it is only necessary to happen next to them, that also will serve to hide itself if it is necessary.

The graphics that appear in Mod Apk Robbery Bob is not that they are very complex but they stand out above all because they are very funny. The movements of the characters are quite well taken and the feeling of realism is well achieved. As for the sound, it is not at all burdensome so it does not interfere in the game, although it does not contribute much either.

In order to enjoy this game, it is not necessary to have a high-end terminal, since the only thing necessary is to have 138 MB of free space and version of the Android 4.0 operating system to be able to run it without any problem. In our case, the terminal with which we tested it had 1 GB of RAM and the fluidity of the game was quite good so it can be said that it is designed so that everyone can play.

Guaranteed fun

The situation to start playing Mod Apk Robbery Bob is this: you are a thief who just got out of jail thanks to the tricks of a partner so you owe him a favor and you must go doing the “little jobs” that he is going asking to settle your debt. These works consist of stealing from house to house in different neighborhoods of the city and one thing is guaranteed, which is that the duration of the game is long since there are a lot of levels or houses to steal.

Each theft is different and as progress is made in the game the difficulties are increasing, a detail to keep in mind is that the first robberies are made in a tutorial to be able to take practice. Depending on the work, you have to handle the situation in a different way, in some you have to be faster while in others you have to be stealthier not to be discovered. An important issue is that the inhabitants of the house also play and are very observant so it is necessary to watch that everything must be as before entering the house.

A subject to value is that to achieve the best scores you have to achieve the objectives that are marked; steal all the objects of a house, make good use of stealth and finally, take as little as possible to perpetrate a robbery.

How to get the game

To get Robbery Bob you just have to enter the Galaxy App or Play Store to get it completely free, so try this game will not cost anything, a detail that will make you leave it installed on your Android for a long time. That is, keep in mind that you must arm yourself with patience and above all, be stealthy.

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