How to move from a personal Facebook profile to a professional page

If for some reason you decide to change your personal Facebook profile to a professional one, be sure to read this article by Anna, director of Internet advertising agency I-Media. From it you will learn all the subtleties of this simple, at first glance, process. In November 2015, I destroyed my Facebook profile. The decision […]

‘Mario’ Producers Are Restoring the Rarest Dimensions from ‘Super Mario World Rom’

You would now be able to play amusements of long-overlooked Super Mario Advance 4 tablet dimensions. Hoping to play a touch of Nintendo history today? All things considered, you’re in good fortune. Clients on the Wii U subreddit have arranged a rundown of reproduced Super Mario World Rom Advance 4 tablet stages, all reproduced inside […]

Brutal Age Tips

Brutal age: Horde Invasion – dispose of a clan of cave dwellers and make a realm on the ancient Earth. Chase wild creatures, battle against adversaries. This energizing diversion for Android and iOS will take you to the Stone Age that mammoths, saber-tooth tigers and other inconceivable creatures strolled around the planet. You can sort […]