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Aims And Objectives Of Property Valuation

The tasks of the enforcement proceedings are the correct and timely execution of judicial acts, acts of other bodies and officials, and in cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation the execution of other documents in order to protect the violated rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens and organizations, as well as to ensure the fulfillment of obligations under international treaties of the Russian Federation.

The property of the debtor that is levied on is subject to assessment in accordance with the procedure established by Federal Law No. 229-ФЗ of 02.10.2007 “On Enforcement Proceedings”.

According to Art. 85 of the Law, the assessment of the property of the debtor, which is levied, is made by the bailiff at market prices, unless otherwise provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The bailiff must, within one month from the date of discovery of the debtor’s property, involve an appraiser to assess:

  • Real estate;
  • Securities that are not traded in organized trading (with the exception of investment shares of open and interval mutual investment funds);
  • Property rights (with the exception of receivables not sold at auction);
  • Precious metals and precious stones, products from them, as well as scrap of such products;
  • Collection banknotes in rubles and foreign currency;
  • Items of historical or artistic value;
  • Things, the value of which, according to preliminary estimates, exceeds 30 thousand rubles.

Property valuation can be made by the bailiff himself, if the preliminary value of the property does not exceed 30 thousand rubles.

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The property valuation made by the bailiff, without the involvement of an appraiser, may be appealed by the parties of the enforcement proceedings to the higher bailiff or challenged in the court no later than ten days from the date of their notification of the assessment.

The bailiff is obliged to involve an appraiser to evaluate the property if the debtor or recovered does not agree with the assessment of the property. In this case, the costs of attracting an appraiser shall be borne by the party disputing the property valuation made by the bailiff. No later than three days from the date of receipt, a copy of the appraiser’s opinion must be sent to the parties. The results of the assessment are mandatory for the bailiff, but may be challenged in court by the parties of the enforcement proceedings no later than ten days from the date of their notification of the assessment made.

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One of the most necessary criteria for the activities of any company today is the assessment of the assets of the enterprise. Without this element, the normal functioning of all production processes cannot occur.

First, find out what the process in question is., after which we analyze its features and objectives. So, the assessment of the property is called, full-fledged calculations of the cost aspects of the assets in the enterprise, or some part of them, depending on the requirements and circumstances. If we consider the object of the appraisal process from the point of view of lawyers, then it can be either an industrial-type holding or a production company. Also in this list you can include objects whose activity is the production of any product, which in turn is realized, which means that the object receives a profit, among other things, it also uses assets, which puts it on the same level as the above objects to be evaluated. It should not be forgotten that property type complexes and individual enterprises can also belong to objects of valuation.

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