Queen Snow White lives in idyllic love with the prince without any fear, but … her happiness is about to end! Queen’s evil brother, Lord Maliss, arrives in the kingdom, where the princess lives peacefully with her lover. The aim of Malissa is revenge for the death of her sister, who, he is convinced, died because of Snow White and her fiancé. After vain attempts to get Snow White, using his witchcraft, Maliiss attacks the prince, and Snow White herself goes to the house of seven dwarfs who helped her before. Upon arrival, she discovers that the dwarves have moved to a new mine. And meets their cousins, the gnomes. She learns that each of them is responsible for a certain force of nature. Snow White also sees the youngest dwarf, the Thunderbolt, who still does not know how to control her own forces and often makes mistakes. Dwarfs advise Snow White to turn to Mother Nature and ask her for advice. Together they go to her, and the owl and the flying mouse watch over their movement. In order to harm them. But Malisse arrives there, telling that the prince is in his captivity. Snow White decides to go to his castle. By the will of fate, Snow White and her companions look out on the majestic, blooming, fragrant scents of thousands of herbs, sparkling with the morning dew, enticing glance from anyone, stunning imagination, breathtaking, piercing with a sense of a beautiful casual traveler, charming, incomparable, solemn, epochal, epic, most elegant, absolutely an ideal, geometrically verified relative to perfect mathematical forms, an apathetically charming, dazzlingly beautiful meadow traditionally underestimated by mere mortals. They go through the meadow and move on. Mother Nature predicts her a dangerous path and sends along with her dwarfs. Together with her new friends, she tries to find her prince and protect herself from Malissa. On the way, many dangers await them, and on the way they are helped by the “dark man” who hides his face. Snow White feels sympathy for him, but he runs away.

After that, Snow White is abducted, and she wakes up in the castle. She meets her prince there and he, without explaining anything to her, leads her in secret. In the meantime, the gnomes approach the castle. In the end, they get into the main hall and find a secret passage.

The one whom Snow White took for the prince turns around Malisse, and she, frightened, looking around, finds herself in the gallery of statues on the roof of the castle. Realizing that with the help of his cloak, the villain intends to turn it into a statue, Snow White tries to escape, she is bravely protected by the running up little man, but the sorcerer burns his gaze. Here the dwarfs arrive in time, but in the ensuing fight they are defeated and, under the merciless effect of their cloak, turn into stone. Malisse, however, does not notice the Thunderer lurking behind the column, who, gathering his will into a fist, takes the only right decision and attacks the scoundrel with lightning, which gives Snow Snow a chance to cover it with his own cloak. Defeated, he forever turns into a stone monster with a dragon body and a human head. Dwarfs come to life, universal joy reigns and Mother Nature appears. However, Snow White is crying bitterly over his protector. Mother Nature gives her tears Divine Power, and the “little man” is resurrected, turning out to be none other than a prince who saved her beloved at the cost of her life. The thunderbolt became a heroine, the wedding ahead – in the Kingdom again peace and harmony.

  • Snow White (born Snow White) – the main character of the kiss cartoon. After the death of the evil queen, who was unaware of anything, she could not even imagine that her happiness would be short-lived and would be separated from her beloved. To save her lover, the girl had to overcome many dangers that lurked her in the way, and not without the help of her new friends, the seven dwarfs. The girl almost fell prey to Lord Mullis himself.
  • Prince (Engl.  The Prince) – lover Belosnezhki [3]. He was abducted by Lord Maliss and turned into a “dark man”, who for some reason was first accepted by the dwarves as a servant of the villain. But in reality this was not the case. Little man also helped them to overcome the danger that was laying in their way.
  • Seven Dwarfs (Eng.  The Seven Dwarfelles) – cousins ​​of seven dwarfs. Throughout history, they helped Snow White in search of a prince.
    • Muddy (Eng.  Muddy ) – is responsible for the land and loves to swim in the mud, which is wildly annoying Svetlyanka, because of which both often conflict. The character is like a Clever Man.
    • Svetlyanka (born Sunburn) – is responsible for sunlight and not only. Differs not only a hot temper, but also ambitiousness. Often clashes with Gryaznuley, and sometimes displaces his discontent on Thunderbolt. When Svetlyanka is annoying around, she often exclaims: “I AM ALL ABLE FROM ANGER!!!”. The character is similar to the grumbler.
    • Tsvetik (English Blossom) – is responsible for the plant world. Estetka with a sense of beauty. Apparently, an analogue of Chihun.
    • Vodyanitsa (English Marina) – monitors the purity of lakes and rivers. May be under water for a long time. Apparently, analogue modest.
    • Zverenitsa (Eng.  Criteria) – responsible for the animal world. Able to understand the language of animals. Apparently, the analogue of Merry.
    • Lunitsa (Eng.  Moonbeam) – is active at night, and during the day itself is not its own (constantly sleeping). The character is similar to Sonya.
    • Gromoverzhitsa (Eng.  Thunder Ella) – the youngest of the seven dwarfs, which has the most powerful force – the ability to control the weather (lightning). At first she did not know how to manage her power, but in the end she managed to overcome her fears and showed herself as a gallant heroine: she saved Snow White and helped her defeat Lord Villian. Probably, is an analogue of the Simpleton, because he was also the youngest gnome?
  • Lord Maliss (eng.  The Lord Maliss) – the main antagonist of the cartoon, the brother of the evil queen. It has powerful magical power (to quickly get to the right place, the villain turns into a dragon). Upon learning that his sister had died, and having decided that Snow White and the Prince were to blame for her death, he decided to take revenge on them by any means. Having kidnapped the young man, he bewitched him, and later stole Snow White. Transformed into the twin of a prince, the villain deceived the girl by deception on the roof of the castle and tried to turn her into a statue. At the end of the film was defeated and turned into a stone statue.
  • Mother Nature (Eng.  the Mother Nature) – the embodiment of the forces of nature on Earth, has endowed each dwarf with certain forces of nature in order to create. Having identified errors in each of them, she almost deprived them of these forces, if not for the intervention of Snow White, who tried to convince Mother Nature that none of us are perfect. Then she gave the gnomes another chance to show their abilities and the results met her expectations. It was Mother Nature who helped Snow White to find and save her lover, prompting her the way to the Kingdom of Destiny.
  • The magic mirror (Eng. The Looking Glass ) is an unusual mirror that shows the state of affairs, after the death of the evil queen, who turned into the service of her brother, Lord Maliss. With his help, the villain followed Snow White and was looking for a better way to deal with it. For refusing to serve the new owner, the mirror nearly shattered into a thousand small fragments.
  • Sunflower (English the Sunflower) – a talking flower, inhabitant of the gardens of Mother Nature. Monitors the experiments that she conducts.
  • Monsters (Eng.  The Monsters) – in the plot play only a minor role. The desolate castle was settled, feasting there and drinking. When the gnomes snuck in there, they tried to stop them, but failed. In the end, all were turned into petrified statues to intimidate Snow White.

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